A small sized technology company based in the UK recently engaged us when their customer failed to pay an invoice at the value of £4k. Their customer was based overseas, and communication had broken down when the payment had become overdue, and was frustrating and very time consuming for our client to deal with.

Our debt recovery team was able to contact the debtor and summarise the reasons why they were obliged to pay the invoice, along with the additional fees that were added on for late payment. We also disclosed some of the consequences they would have to face based on late payment process in the country they were based in.

After our agents skilfully dealt with the debtor, we managed to obtain payment of the full debt which consisted of the invoice fee and the additional fees, that helped cover our no win – no fee commission. Our client maintained a professional position throughout the process and still continues to work with that client, now under slightly different invoicing conditions.

On completion of the debt recovery process our client told us that he is now more confident doing business with overseas opportunities. In case of debts that may occur in the future, he now has a strong and effective collections solution in place with us which he can rely on.

paid debt