Our client, a large recruitment consultancy firm, had spent months chasing payment from a debtor who had made it clear they had no intention of paying what they owed. Sterling were passed the debt to collect, invoice value £19k.

After speaking with our client to gather the required facts, clearly understand their process, the candidate introduction and the situation, Sterling made contact with the debtor.

The debtor raised several points in objection to owing any payment, they were of very strong opinion that they had a legitimate point regarding a rebate period. Using our in depth knowledge of the recruitment sector terms of business, Sterling were able to convince the debtor it would be in their best interest to resolve the matter with us, quickly. The involvement of Sterling in the matter not only resulted in the £19k invoice being paid in full, but additional late fees and interest were paid too. Our clients cost for our no win no fee debt recovery commission fee, was covered by the additional amounts they received from the late payment fees and interest paid to them by the debtor.

Once referred to Sterling, payment for this client was secured within a week and the matter was closed.

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