Boosting cash flow for recruiters

‘My company is a recruitment agency specialising in the construction / technical sectors. It’s rare that clients refuse to pay us so I did not have much experience of using debt collection agencies or law firms. A construction / developer company owed us several thousand pounds for contractor fees but also c. £15k in temp to perm fees. We decided to use a local debt collection agency first and tested them out initially on the unpaid contractor fees, but it quickly became apparent seeing both their approach to dealing with the matter and lack of communication with me, that achieving the best results were unlikely. They did eventually collect the contractor debt but in an aggressive and unprofessional manner that could be damaging to my reputation. During that process it also became obvious that they did not have the sophistication or knowledge of the recruitment sector necessary to understand or collect the more technical temp to perm debt. This left me wondering as to whether using them was the right move, I decided to look for better options and to see if there was a specialist dealing with recruitment debt and I very quickly ended up speaking with Sterling. Sterling were a breath of fresh air… achieved a quick result, keeping me updated throughout and engaging with the debtor in a professional manner to retain my reputation. It’s evident that their knowledge in my sector of business has been absolutely invaluable in aiding them to achieve much faster results and with far better conduct than the previous company. I am currently considering use of their solicitor’s service to ensure any potential loopholes are dealt with in our processes too. Sterling Debt Recovery are leaps and bounds ahead of their competition and I will certainly recommend them to any recruiters, or any business as a matter of fact, who require an unpaid invoice to be collected.’