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About usSterling Debt Recovery is the debt collection arm of Sterling Outsourcing, a company focused on excellence in Credit Management. Our unique approach has allowed us to collect debts where our client has lost all hope of getting paid. Our objective is to achieve the most profitable result for our client as quickly as possible.

What makes Sterling different :

Sterling’s unique structure allows us to provide a more productive and cost effective service than our competitors. We employ intelligent, enthusiastic staff to collect in a professional, persistent manner to achieve results whilst protecting our reputation and that of our clients.

  • We will NOT rely solely on a stream of red letters. Our focus is on establishing productive communication with your debtor, usually by phone to resolve the matter.
  • Our agents have a number of tracing systems at their disposal. We are able to track down the majority of gone-away debtors without the additional cost of using a 3rd party.
  • We will only suggest legal action where we believe this is in the best interest of our client, i.e. if the action is likely to give you positive cash outcome.
  • We are able to involve our solicitor* in discussions with the debtor prior to legal proceedings. This can resolve complex disputes or persuade the debtor to pay without the need for litigation.
  • Our strategy is based on long-term relationships with clients. Customer satisfaction is important to us as is providing added value to our client.
  • Sterling operates with low overheads allowing us to provide  better value to our clients. Where other collection agencies will do no more than send letters we are able to hold discussions with the debtor, negotiating and threatening the most appropriate legal action to get you paid quickly.

Business strategy :

Like any business, debt collection companies and law firms exist to make profit. Most debt recovery firms and law firms work in such a way that they must make a profit from each and every case referred to them, whether or not their work gives their client a positive result. For example if a debt collection firm fails to collect your debt they may still receive a referral fee from passing it to an associated law firm. The objective of the traditional law firm is to win the case, i.e. to get a judgement or bankruptcy. They rarely consider whether the amount that can be recovered from the debtor is likely to outweigh the considerable fees to their client.

At Sterling we have adopted a different approach to business. We recognise the considerable cost of acquiring a new customer, so our focus is on developing a long term partnership with each of our clients. We recognise that not every case you refer to us will be profitable, we will give you honest feedback on the chances of recovery, and more importantly, whether it can be achieved with a positive cash outcome. Our unique structure means that we can also give you feedback that will allow you to improve your business process and t’s and c’s to improve your chances of recovery on future debts, and to allow you to pass all the costs of recovery on to the debtor.

Structure :

Sterling collect the majority of debt without the need for legal proceedings. Whilst we use a 3rd party legal practice, we are unique in that the practice is based in our office working closely with our debt collection team. This gives us access to legal expertise prior to legal action to help resolve technical disputes and explain the likely outcome and implications of legal action to the debtor. If litigation is necessary then we will advise you on the likelihood of success and cost v likely recovery amount. Our unique arrangement means that legal fees through our solicitor* are far lower than those of a traditional law firm. Because we are focused on recovery rather than just a judgement we will consider the most appropriate form of legal process and enforcement to collect in the fastest and most cash positive manner, issuing a claim is not always the best method. See further information on debt recovery and legal services.

You can see more about our staff here: Our People

*Sterling Debt Recovery uses an independent 3rd party solicitor. You can see more information here legal services.