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Dealing with overseas clients can open up considerable opportunities to a business, but with them come new risks. Getting invoices paid by a foreign business can prove difficult, often requiring a different approach. The overseas debtor may use local law, foreign language and even local customs as excuses to delay payment. Engaging an overseas law firm to collect the debt can prove expensive with a high risk of throwing good money after bad.

Using an international debt recovery service to work on a No Win, No Fee basis gives businesses the ability to increase international sales whilst minimising risk. Whereas a law firm will do little more than send a formal letter before action prior to suggesting legal proceedings, an international debt collection agency will engage in discussions with the overseas debtor in an effective manner to understand and remove barriers to payment.

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Sterling Debt Recovery is a truly international business, owned and managed by UK professionals with our service centre in Krakow, the finance outsourcing centre of Europe. Whilst we work on behalf of global businesses on a daily basis, collecting unpaid invoices worldwide in every continent and language, we also collect as and when required for smaller clients who may refer only a few international debts to us each year. Sterling have been collecting internation