The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on all of us, but even more so, when faced with unresponsive customers who aren’t paying their bills.  As a small, relatively new business, every penny counts and we had a debtor who had ignored our countless attempts to collect money for in excess of three months.

We were lucky to have terms of business in place with them, and an email trail of our failed attempts to chase the money.  We weren’t prepared to write the money off, so I started researching what we could do next and came across Sterling.  From making the initial enquiry, to confirming they could act on our behalf to retrieve the money, the process couldn’t have been simpler or quicker.  Within a few short weeks the debt had been collected, and Sterling repaid the money to ourselves within a month.

Although it’s the last thing you hope you will need to do to a client, if you do have to go down the path of debt recovery, I couldn’t recommend Sterling highly enough, and although I hope we don’t have any debtors in the future, should we find ourselves in that position, they will be the only company we contact.


We run a boutique research recruitment business.  After 16 years of trading we had never had a case of bad debt and so when this situation arose, we were unsure about what do to and which company we felt comfortable with to support us.

After speaking with a few firms, Sterling really stood out from the rest as they specialise in our industry and so could immediately demonstrate the various common scenarios that they are used to dealing with in terms of recruitment debt.  Furthermore the process was clearly explained, smooth and non stressful.  The day we handed over the debt we could literally forget about it and relax without having to deal with stressful calls and emails.  Within under 3 weeks our debt was paid in ful