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‘For a consultancy of our size any payment default is significant, especially when the default is from a company that, unknown to us at the time of commencing work, has a history of CVA’s and closures.

After months of our trying to get a response with total ‘silence’ from our debtors the challenge was to go the legal route with accompanying expense with little prospect of payment or the Sterling route. I am so glad we chose the latter.

Sterling were incredibly professional and accomplished, we had part of the outstanding debt paid quite quickly and despite the debtor going ‘silent’ once again the shear persistence and knowledge of Sterling about debtor’s ‘avoidance’ techniques and how to put pressure on them led to the debt, including any fees and interest being paid in full. I am convinced without Sterling this would not have happened.

I have no hesitation of recommending Sterling to any company large or small to support any debt recovery process.’


Commission only Andorran debt collection

Sterling Debt Recovery provides international business debt collection and debt recovery services. Our customers include small businesses and global corporates from across the world. We are able to collect one-off debts with a minimum value of 1000 euro and upwards, or regular and higher volumes of debts where values a