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As a professional recruitment company, choosing Sterling Debt Recovery to deal with our debtors has proven to be very successful. We don’t have many bad debtors but the couple we’ve passed to Sterling have both paid. One of the debts also required a court claim which the solicitor dealing with Sterling dealt with impeccably, in addition all our costs were recovered. Their knowledge of the recruitment sector goes a long way to bringing fast undisputed results. They even suggested tailored improvements in our own Terms, reducing exposure to similar problems from debtors in the future. I am confident and satisfied to be working with them.


Commission only Bosnian debt collection

Sterling Debt Recovery provides international business debt collection and debt recovery services. Our customers include small businesses and global corporates from across the world. We are able to collect one-off debts with a minimum value of 1000 euro and upwards, or regular and higher volumes of debts where values are lower.

Debt litigation in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Where legal expertise is necessary, our UK lawyer working in our Krakow office has considerable experience in collecting cross-borde