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As the eighth largest economy in the European Union, Poland is an attractive place to sell goods and services. Unfortunately, if the Polish customer does not pay your invoice then language barriers, local bureaucracy and customs can make collection difficult. A bad debt in Poland can be difficult to collect without local assistance, and dealing with a Polish debt collection lawyer or debt recovery agency can present it’s own difficulties.

Based in Poland but under UK ownership, Sterling Debt Recovery are uniquely placed to collect business debts in Poland. Sterling is an international debt collection agency employing a mix of UK and Polish debt collection staff in our Krakow office. Our international approach gives our clients confidence in doing business with us, wherever they are from. We are able to explain clearly our methods and the nuances of the process of debt recovery in Poland, at the same time dealing with the Polish debtor in their language and in a manner that they will respond to.

Collecting debts the optimal way

In the vast majority of cases Sterling are able to collect without the need for legal action. As legal action can be slow, unpredictable and requires investment we only recommend proceedings where we are confident that the outcome will be positive both in terms of a successful judgement, and in giving a profitable result for our client.

Where legal action is appropriate and necessary then we are able to advise on the most effective and cost-effective procedure. Even when committing to legal process our objective is to move the debtor to making payment early in the cycle where possible to avoid a lengthy process. The terms of business relating to the debt and other factors will define which jurisdiction action should be taken in and which process will be most suitable. Sterling’s lawyer is based in our office and is qualified to practice in both Poland and the UK. Focused solely on debt litigation and with experience since 2006 of working with international debts, our lawyer is able to manage the litigation process efficiently whilst providing advice and guidance to the client along the way. Poland became a member of the European Union in 2004, implementing EU regulations, including Regulation No. 1896(2006), relating to the European order for payment procedure, and Regulation No. 861/2007, relating to the European small claims’ procedure. Our lawyer has considerable experience in utilising the EU procedures