Our client based in the U.K. chose to work with Sterling as we proved to have the best relevant international B2B debt recovery experience. Their client/debtor based overseas was not responding to contact and had previously only responded with delaying tactics. The debtor owed a considerable amount of money for completed project work and this required immediate action from Sterling to ensure our client had the best chance to recover their money.

We quickly identified that the debtor had cash flow problems and they were looking for more investment for their project. With this in mind we worked with the debtor and client to ensure the full amount owed was paid within 5 months, monitoring the payment plan throughout to ensure that all instalments were for the agreed amount and were paid on time.

The debt owed to our client was paid in full. During the process they were free to pursue their regular day to day business without the worry of negotiating and maintaining the repayment of the money owed to them.