Outsourced Credit Control

Our outsourced credit control service has been re-branded. We are happy to invite you to our new credit control website providing information to any SME / business in the UK looking at outsourcing credit control services.


If you do regular business with slow paying clients, you are probably spending much more time chasing payments than you should be. This is not the best use of your work time and can undermine your business relationships with those clients.

Prioritising credit control (payment collection) activity will go a long way to improving your collections and help you improve your business relationships and productivity.

Managing and collecting payment of your invoices is a profession. Prioritise this process and get paid faster. A qualified and experienced credit control professional, following Best Practice Credit Control procedures will improve your cash flow.

The service is carried out entirely in your brand by your named experienced credit controller(s). Whilst many of our competitors use remote workers, all of Sterling’s staff work from our service centre under a team leader and service manager. Cover for absence is provided in each team so the service runs each week consistently without fail.

The scope of our service varies with each client. With some clients we provide support to their existing in house team operating as little as half a day each week. With others we effectively become their credit control function, sometimes managing the entire order to cash process from new customer credit checking and take-on, invoice production, collection and payment allocation.
Sterling have developed in house systems which allow us to automate sending of reminders irrespective of the accounts system in use, this minimises the administration required, increasing the time available for your credit controller to spend on calling your customers. Where physical letters need to be sent we use a post fulfilment service, sending the letter automatically from our screen, saving time and money.