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We sent Sterling a debt that was 6 months old. We had given up hope of it ever being paid as we had chased the debtor repeatedly and received no response. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did Sterling get my debt paid quickly, they also managed to get the debtor to pay late payment charges so that I received more than my outstanding invoice value after payment of Sterling’s fees. I would certainly recommend Sterling and will be using them in future if I am unfortunate enough to suffer from another bad debtor.


Commission only Scottish debt collection

Sterling Debt Recovery provides international business debt collection and debt recovery services. Our customers include small businesses and global corporates from across the world. We are able to collect one-off debts with a minimum value of 1000 euro and upwards, or regular and higher volumes of debts where values are lower.

Debt litigation in Scotland

Where legal expertise is necessary, our UK lawyer working in our Krakow office has considerable experience in collecting cross-border debt. Even if it proves necessary to engage our lawyer to assist in recovery, he will still attempt to achieve payment without court proceedings. If litigation is required, then we will analyse the case and provide advice as to whether the procedure is likely to be successful and cost effective. We will also advise on which procedure is more appropriate, including options for enforcement should this b